Different Energy Sources

Different energy sources refer to the various ways we can harness and use energy. They include renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. The energy source we choose to use depends on a variety of factors which include how it affects the environment as well as how accessible and affordable it is.

In 2018, fossil fuels (oil natural gas, and coal) were responsible for 81 % of the energy consumed in the world. However, these nonrenewable sources of energy can harm the environment in a variety ways. For example oil drilling can cause havoc on wildlife and communities Fracking is a source of technical managerial areas in the civil infrastructure water pollution as well as coal power plants emit carbon dioxide.

Renewable energy, also known as green or clean energy, is derived from natural and continuously replenishing resources such as sunlight wind, water, and sun. It’s a great option for reducing our dependence of dirty energy sources and helping the planet.

Renewable energy is not solely about protecting the environment. It’s also about being cost-effective, reliable and efficient. Renewable energy is becoming more widely used to power our homes and businesses.

The most widely used renewable energy sources are solar, wind, hydropower, and nuclear. Solar energy is a technology that converts sunlight into warmth and electricity. Wind energy harnesses the kinetic energy of moving air to generate electricity and is used in many places around the world. Hydropower harnesses water’s force to generate electricity. Nuclear energy is based on the process of nuclear fission to produce electricity.

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